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The environment, health and life



Environmental factors affect both our physical and mental health and impact us from different fronts.

“Living in a healthy environment is a human right” according to the UN in a resolution of July 28, 2022.

What is Camp base KN 105 150 beacon for health camp life

KiN is the base camp where you can meet and from which you can prepare to aim for the following challenges.

The projects and activities that are being carried out or planned from different groups, countries and sectors have in KiN a base camp from which they can get to know each other and join forces to continue the expedition to the summit. Base Camp KiN help to IMPLEMENT the solutions for the preservation of the life on earth and the care of human health that depends on it.


A beacon is a light or a fire, usually on a hill or tower, that acts as a signal or a warning. If someone acts as a beacon to other people, they inspire or encourage them.

KiN is the pilot that indicates where the base camp is and where to find other people interested in health and life.

KiN is the meeting point, contributor, promoter and encourager of initiatives, programs, projects and concrete actions related to the health of the environment and human health.

To make things happen!

Salut ambiental

The problem is increasingly serious and recognized by the medical and scientific community. Information is key so that people can make decisions that protect them as much as possible from harmful exposures.

It is also important to gather experiences and expertise to carry out concrete actions and implement solutions to benefit the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

KiN wants to involve and demonstrate that any institution, company, professional and individual can generate changes, investigate, take tangible actions and positively influence their environment and ultimately improve the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

KiN provides support in the organization, management, coordination and drive

that these projects need to come to fruition 


KiN is also a point of intersection between organizations, professionals and people from different fields to favor the exchange of experience and join forces to advance faster. We look for the right partners for each multidisciplinary project.

Through various channels we promote the most productive and stimulating networking and we are an international, intersectoral and multidimensional point

of contact.

KiN is also a laboratory of ideas and a center of reflection in relation to environmental issues and the health of living beings.


At KiN we achieve concrete results and openly monitor the progress of all the projects we coordinate.

For this reason we publish the history and evolution of each project continuously through the web and a newsletter and our social networks.

With this, we not only want to manage things in a transparent way, but we hope to be able to encourage anyone who wants to mark a path of change to feel and see that ideas can be materialized and implemented and that in KiN will find support.


lines of action

Beacon, meeting point, networking and departure to the next level of development

of a project or an idea.

Management of health and environmental projects

Active networking

Training on health and environment

Communication and continuous updating

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